Paulgold Olalekan Joseph on Preacher’s Boy- The Movie

                                                          Paulgold Olalekan Joseph

Paulgold Olalekan Joseph is the Producer and Director of “Preacher’s Boy” – The Movie. The Movie features great actors like Wale Ojo, Aik Odiase, Misola Iyun, Emilia Emeka-Nwamadi, Erica Opia Bale and a host of other great actors. It was a whole lot of experience
watching the Director of Photography(DOP), Apel Papel work with the cameras considering the sophistication around them. I had great fun on set.  
                                               Emilia Emeka-Nwamadi and Wale Ojo
Paul Gold Olalekan Joseph talked with yours truly, Emilia Emeka-Nwamadi about the production and other issues. Read excerpts below; 

My name is Paulgold Olalekan Joseph. I am a film maker. I write, I Produce and Direct. I do a
whole lot of things. I started out as an actor but these days I no longer act.
I do more of writing, producing and directing. 
I run the Afrigos Film Academy. It is an Institute here in Abuja.
Afrigos Film and Media Academy is an institute that started
in 2008 as Zenith Film Institute and later metamorphosed in to Afrigos in 2013.  It is running on Federal Government
accreditation to run NID  (National Innovative Diploma) programme in Film and television
productions. We have very creative and talented students and Professional
Lecturers who teach various courses at the institute.  We also have the production company aspect of it, it is not
just a Film Institute, it is also a film company It is the film company aspect
of it that is producing the film(Preacher’s Boy) we are doing right now.
                                                        Paulgold, Emilia and Papel
The Movie- Preacher’s Boy is a cinema film, a Gospel Film made
for  the cinema. It is  a story that everyone needs to watch. It is a
story that cuts across a very wide audience

 The number one challenge anyone would tell you in the Nigerian Movie Industry is funding. Funding is a huge challenge. If there was better funding our films will be better. The challenges others might be facing to a very large extent is the challenge of ignorance. Ignorance they say is a disease. A very huge chunk of Nigerian film makers do not know what it takes to make a very professional film. Making film is not just gathering people and pointing cameras to shoot, it takes a lot, as you can see on our set here; the costumes, the make-up, the production designers are working, the different institution are working to make film work. The camera units and then the director comes and does his own and then the actors too have to do their own. Other challenges that people face outside funding is ignorance and I say that ignorance is worse than that of funding because if they give someone who does not know how to make a good film a million Dollar, he will still make a bad film with that money. 

                                                               Obla, Erica and Emilia(Passion)
The solution to this challenge of ignorance is to use the film schools. That is why we are running a film school. Build world class film schools. if you check in the US(United States of America and the UK(United Kingdom) where films of standard are made, majority of those film makers are those who studied film; Actors studied acting, Directors study directing, Script Writers study script writing, so that we have people who are well informed on film making film.  The solution to the issue of funding is for the government to be more proactive in assisting the industry to upgrade itself.

People that are aspiring to become film makers should work towards making excellent films. Excellence is key to success. You can not keep doing the same thing and expect to get a different result . Like the movie we are making now, by the time you quantify it, you might  put it side by side with some movies that received ten times more of funds than this one has gulped. It is all about the passion with which we have driven it and it is the quest for excellence. “This thing I must achieve it by excellence and I’m not going back on it”.  

My fans please follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Preacher’s Boy- the movie is the next big thing to hit the cinemas. Watch out for it. It features great actors, fine story, well designed and well achieved. You will love it.

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