My Most Embarrassing Moment – Erica Opia Bale

I met Erica at a movie location in Abuja and she stated her views on some issues. Erica is an Actress, Fine Artist, Still Photographer and a Make-up Artist. She also lightened my mood when she talked about
her most embarrassing moment. Read excerpt below;
                                                                  Erica and Emilia
My name is Erica Opia Bale. I am an Actress, a Model, a Fine
Artist, a Professional Baker, Still Photography and Make-Up Artist.

I live in Abuja. I am originally from Wales and
Nigeria. I have been acting for two years
now and I have had different experiences; good and bad as always.
I have had a few embarrassing moments, for instance, I got a call from a Producer that he wanted
me on his set and we talked about it and agreed on the terms. He even brought
me on set  only to realize that the Director had chosen someone else to play the role. I didn’t know what to

                                                           Obla, Erica and Emilia
What do you think about
the Nigeria Movie Industry?

I think it is improving. We are doing well, we are
heading there. I feel we are not there yet. It is growing.

What are the
qualities of an actor?
An actor must be Patient, creative, be able to read, passionate,  also be able to switch
from your character to your role and vice versa
Can you be a side
chick to a married man?
No! I can’t be a side chick to a married man. For me, If a
man is taken, he is taken.  I am selfish
and I need all the attention I can get. 
I can’t be a second wife.
Where do you see
yourself in five years?
Bigger and better by the grace of God.  

Message to fans
I love and appreciate you.


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