Plus Sized Ladies are Maginalized- Queen Ugo

                                                                          Queen Ugo

Miss Ugo was with me recently in Abuja and she spoke about our heritage and Culture as Africans. She also spoke about

Plus Size Ladies. Read excerpts below;

May I know your
My name is Queen Ugo.  Miss Heritage Nigeria Bold and Beautiful
Tell me a little more
about yourself?
 I’m the seventh child from a family of seven children
that is I’m the first from behind. I am a Graduate of University of Port Harcourt, I
read Biology and I am a reigning Beauty Queen, an Entrepreneur and I’m also
Plus Size.
You said you are an
entrepreneur, What are you in to?
Beauty World.  Spa. Whatever
the spa entails that’s all I do.
You talked about
“Plus Size”. Let’s hear about that.
Like we all know, Plus Sized ladies are marginalized.
Nigerians feel that plus sized ladies don’t fall in to place. I always say
this; growing up we always knew our mothers to be big, my mum was big I don’t
know about your mom but my mom was big. In Rivers State, I schooled in
University of Port Harcourt like I said earlier, there’s something they do that
when a woman is about to get married, she’s taking in to a room called the
fattening room, what happens there? She is well fed and taken care of. Her
skin, food, everything.  She is given
everything so that she has the right body for her husband. I don’t think we are
supposed to be slim. If Nigerians are supposed to be slim that wouldn’t have
been done, she wouldn’t have been taken care of for her to have that chubby
body for her husband to have all the right curves in the right places. So I
think it’s a welcome development for us to accept plus sizes ladies because we
are one and the same. We are all equal, just that we have the right curves at
the right places.  For me I will give
anything to be plus size. I will never ever go slim. Never. I love being plus
But how about health challenges they talked about that might
affect you?
When you are plus size doesn’t mean you cannot do exercises
to be fit.
What lessons did you
learn from the process of becoming a queen?
We had our normal seven days boot camp. We were taken to
several organizations where we were told what they do. It’s all about heritage,
Promoting our African Culture and heritage, showcasing what we can offer, What
we have as Africans and we were thought to accept ourselves as Africans that
means  we are supposed to carry our
braided hair or your natural hair like I’m wearing  and our African Fabric(Ankara) not to copy the
western world in wearing their English wears. So It is all about promoting our
African Culture and our Heritage. 
What is your advice to other young women?
I always focus on the plus sized ladies, I always tell them;
“forget about you being plus size. Always go ahead to achieve success because
when you are successful, nobody sees your plus size, all they see is your


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